This is a perfect opportunity for someone with capital to invest. It can generate substantial income starting the very first year. We have an extremely generous 3-year bonus structure that can generate up to 400% of normal commissions, which is additional to the base earnings; therefore first-year income could easily eclipse $200,000.


About the Retail Program:

  • 3-year bonus structure, in addition to normal commission
    • Quarterly bonus of up to 34%
    • Annual bonus of 6%
  • $10,000 office startup bonus
  • $5,000 lead generation bonus
  • Bilingual and/or military staff bonus of up to $6,000


Requirements include:

  • Property & Casualty License
  • Life, Accident & Health License
  • Satisfactory results of background check
  • Minimum of $50,000 in seasoned liquid assets
  • Compliant office location
  • Minimum of 1 licensed and appointed staff
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