Retail Program

This is the perfect opportunity for someone that is looking to own a business, purchase a franchise, or have capital to invest. This opportunity is especially great for candidates that can supplement an existing book of business by offering clients insurance solutions in addition to the current business (i.e. real estate, taxes, etc.).  In return for their investment, we have an extremely generous 3 year bonus structure that can generate up to 400% of normal commissions, in addition to what they would normally earn. First year income could easily eclipse $200,000.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone with capital to invest. It can generate substantial income starting the very first year. We have an extremely generous 3-year bonus structure that can generate up to 400% of normal commissions, which is additional to the base earnings; therefore first-year income could easily eclipse $200,000.


About the Retail Program:

  • 3-year bonus structure, in addition to normal commission
    • Quarterly bonus of up to 34%
    • Annual bonus of 6%
  • $10,000 office startup bonus
  • $5,000 lead generation bonus
  • Bilingual and/or military staff bonus of up to $6,000


Requirements include:

  • Property & Casualty License
  • Life, Accident & Health License
  • Satisfactory results of background check
  • Minimum of $50,000 in seasoned liquid assets
  • Compliant office location
  • Minimum of 1 licensed and appointed staff


We offer our agents various types of bonus that they qualify for.
Below is a list of just a few:

-Life Bonus
-Quarterly and Annual Bonus
-Office Start-up



While working with our team, you receive extensive sales training, product training, and support throughout your career. Our dedicated team helps to coach you through your start-up, by providing support from Product Specialists, Business Consultants, Marketing Managers, in addition to the District Manager and the Southern California Territory team.



As a member of our team, we appreciate everything that our agents do to build their small business. The Achievement Club programs focus on rewarding agents for raising the bar and improving growth, productivity, cross-sell, customer experience and customer retention.