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Retail Program

This is the perfect opportunity for someone that is looking to own a business, purchase a franchise, or have capital to invest. This opportunity is especially great for candidates that can supplement an existing book of business by offering clients insurance solutions in addition to the current business (i.e. real estate, taxes, etc.).  In return for their investment, we have an extremely generous 3 year bonus structure that can generate up to 400% of normal commissions, in addition to what they would normally earn. First year income could easily eclipse $200,000.

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Acquisition Program

Taking over or purchasing an existing agency is an opportunity that few other companies offer. It provides lucrative financial incentives to capitalized external candidates, so they can facilitate the purchase of service and commission rights from existing Farmers agencies. Immediately receive the residual commission that the agency is currently generating, in addition to bonuses offered on new business for up to 3 years.

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Associate Agent

This program is great for candidates that have experience in the field of insurance, and possess the desired talents and attributes to develop into an agency owner. Through this opportunity, the agents build their own book of business and eventually advance from an Associate Agent to a Retail or Acquisition Agent.

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Agency Producer

This opportunity is targeted for professionals that are looking to work for an agent to gain business experience, with the opportunity to later advance to an Associate Agent.

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Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are trained professionals that work at an entry-level in our agents’ offices, providing service to the agent and customers by handling policy inquiries.

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