Welcome Entrepreneurs

Are you interested in starting a business and have a wide network?

What if you could start a business that offers products that everyone within your network has to buy?

Everyone that is a business owner is purchasing commercial and work comp insurance. Every homeowner is buying homeowners insurance. Every partnership is funding their buy-sell agreements with life insurance. Every motorcycle and car owner are required to insure them.

The beauty of owning an agency is that over the course of multiple years as your residuals add up, 10-15% of premium ends up being pretty substantial. The drawback is that first year’s premium and commissions tend to be pretty mediocre.

We feel that we have the fix for the first year revenue blues of a new agency owner. It is a program that will pay up to 45.5% of premium generated on our lowest commissioned product, which is 500% of normal commissions. This helps you achieve tremendous revenue within the very first year.

A typical first year agent that would have generated $50,000 in commissions can now earn close to a quarter of a million dollars with the same production due to this accelerated revenue schedule.

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We offer our agents various types of bonus that they qualify for.
Below is a list of just a few:

-Life Bonus
-Quarterly and Annual Bonus
-Office Start-up



While working with our team, you receive extensive sales training, product training, and support throughout your career. Our dedicated team helps to coach you through your start-up, by providing support from Product Specialists, Business Consultants, Marketing Managers, in addition to the District Manager and the Southern California Territory team.



As a member of our team, we appreciate everything that our agents do to build their small business. The Achievement Club programs focus on rewarding agents for raising the bar and improving growth, productivity, cross-sell, customer experience and customer retention.